Welcome to Central Iowa Broadband!

We have received a Cares Act grant to aid with our construction of a Fiber-to-the-Home communications system in your area.

You might be wondering what a Fiber-to-the-Home system is and what benefits it brings to you. Fiber-to-the-Home offers nearly unlimited capacity for Broadband Internet. Reliable Internet is vital, and our needs are only going to grow. We also plan to bring TV and telephone services too – if you need them. The fiber network allows us to guarantee the Internet speed you will receive, and fiber offers superior reliability for Internet, TV and voice services.

The new fiber network we are installing will be capable of 1 Gigabit per second speeds (which is equal to 1,000Mbps) per customer. Rest assured it is extremely fast, exceptionally reliable, and very capable of allowing you to work, go to school, shop, play games or stream your favorite shows.

Permission to Bury

While we are building our new network, we’d like to also bring the service to your house or business at no cost to you. We’d appreciate your permission to do this, so that when fiber Internet is ready for you, we can hook you up quickly. Either call our office at 641-377-2202 to grant permission or download the ‘Permission to Bury’ form with the button below.